Nutrition Counselling

The Nutrition Counsellor will help assess where changes can be made in your diet to help improve your overall wellness. By incorporating your lifestyle, habits, food choices, and activity level, we will create a non-restrictive diet plan that is specific to you.
The Nutrition Counsellor can also help treat skin conditions from the inside out with Advanced Nutrition Programme skin specific supplements.

Skin Complete

Skin Antioxidant and Skin Vitamin A+

Skin Complete is the perfect solution for everyone. Sun damage is the number one cause of aging, known as photo-aging. Photo-aging causes free radicals which damage healthy skin cells, which can lead to hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. One step towards fighting off photo-aging, is defending the skin from free radicals with anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants defend against free radicals by attaching themselves to the free radical, stabilizing them and preventing it from damaging healthy cells.

Skin Antioxidant is like a sunscreen that works from inside, and pairs perfectly with Jane Iredale’s Mineral Sunscreens for the best protection from UVA/UVB rays.

Skin Vitamin A+ promotes clear and radiant skin by stimulating collagen production and cell turnover.

Skin Omegas +

Skin Omegas + source its Omega 3 from EPAX, a world leading supplier known for its purity, quality and innovation. They hold a Friend of the Sea certificate, so you can be sure the omega 3 is sourced using methods that conserve marine habitats and resources. EPAX products are guaranteed to meet or exceed all known global purity standards.

Skin Omegas + also contains Omega 6 and Vitamin A for an array of skin care benefits; including hydration and enhancing the natural processes of the skin cells.

Skin Accumax

Skin Accumax is the perfect solution for anyone suffering from acne. Vitamins A, C and E are combined with a naturally occurring chemical called DIM to help treat acne from the inside out without any negative side effects.

Vitamin A helps to increase cell turnover and reduce sebum (oil) production.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are both powerful anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory.

DIM is naturally found in cruciferous vegetables such as Broccoli or Brussels sprouts.

Acne is caused by a hormonal imbalance within the body. Both males and females have estrogen, and when estrogen levels are imbalanced, acne can appear on the skin. DIM helps to metabolize excess estrogen in the liver, detoxifying the body, and when combined with vitamins A, C, and E, fights off acne.


Did you know that there are 40 trillion microbes living in us and they affect every system in the body including our skin! Our job is to keep them healthy and happy and in turn they could potentially determine our mood, regulate our appetite, control our immune system, our inflammation and even the expression of our DNA.

How do we keep them happy? The answer is simple: supplement with probiotics!

SYB4 is a unique blend of probiotics encased in a protective matrix to ensure the live bacteria actually survive the stomach acid and passes through to the intestine where they are finally released so that they can target where they are needed most.

SYB4 benefits the skin by increasing hydration, smoothness, elasticity and trans epidermal water loss. SYB4 can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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